XVII Congreso Latinoamericano de Infectología Pediátrica - SLIPE 2017
  Comienzo del Evento: 08/11/2017 - 

ICHS - INFOCUS Chile 2016
  Comienzo del Evento: 13/11/2016 - 19° Simposio ICHS (Infecciones en Inmunocomprometidos) - 14° INFOCUS LATINOAMERICA (Foro de Infecciones Fúngicas en la Práctica Clínica). Fechas: 13, 14 y 15 de Noviembre de 2016. Más información: www.ichs-infocus-2016-chile.com.

IDWeek Call for Abstracts and Cases
  Comienzo del Evento: 26/10/2016 - Submit your original research now for presentation at IDWeek 2016 in New Orleans, October 26-30. Travel awards and grants up to $2,500 are available. Submit an abstract in one or more categories. The submission deadline is 5 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 17, 2016.

  Comienzo del Evento: 21/09/2016 -  Barcelona, Spain I 21 -24 -September 2016. Last Chance to Register. You can't miss the premier meeting for PID, ESID 2016 is only 2 weeks away! Register now to enjoy an outstanding programme with international colleagues.

Submit Your Work to IDWeek
  Comienzo del Evento: 17/05/2016 - Are you chasing a big development? Did you have an outstanding case? Submit your original research for presentation at IDWeek 2016 to apply for travel awards up to $2,500. Share your findings with over 6,100 ID experts, colleagues from around the world, and leaders in the field. Visit www.idweek.org/program/ to submit an abstract or case by 5 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 17, 2016.

Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Meeting
  Comienzo del Evento: 30/04/2016 - The Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Meeting brings together thousands of pediatricians and other health care providers united by a common mission: improve the health and well-being of children worldwide. This international gathering includes researchers, academics, as well as clinical care providers and community practitioners. Presentations cover issues of interest to generalists as well as topics critical to a wide array of specialty and subspecialty areas.

7th Annual International Antimicrobial Stewardship Conference Call for Abstracts Deadline Approaching
  Comienzo del Evento: 18/03/2016 - The deadline to submit abstracts is Friday, March 18, 2016

The planners of the 7th Annual International Antimicrobial Stewardship Conferenceencourage participants to submit a one page abstract on antimicrobial stewardship projects that you have completed or are currently on-going. Abstract submissions should be emailed to Roberta Morgan at romorgan@cmh.edu by Friday, March 18, 2016.

The conference, which is jointly sponsored by Children’s Mercy Kansas City and The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society will be held on June 2-3, 2016. New this year will be a Thursday morning basics of antimicrobial stewardship session targeted toward medical and pharmacy residents and fellows as well as people just starting their antimicrobial stewardship program. Also another great aspect of the conference is the Thursday night dinner that gives everyone a chance to network and enjoy a night of fun and Kansas City barbeque. Please visit www.regonline.com/2016asp for more information, including housing, registration and the preliminary program.

6º Taller Interactivo Infectológico - TIPiCO VI
  Comienzo del Evento: 26/11/2015 - 6º Taller Interactivo Infectológico - TIPiCO VI, tendrá lugar los días 26 y 27 de noviembre en Santiago de Compostela, España, organizado por el Profesor Federico Martinón Torres. Sitio web: www.tipico2015.com.

The World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (WSPID)
  Comienzo del Evento: 18/11/2015 - 

Infocus Córdoba 2015
  Comienzo del Evento: 05/11/2015 - Tenemos el agrado de invitarlos a XIII INFOCUS 2015 a realizarse en Córdoba, Argentina entre el 5 y 7 de noviembre 2015.

Congreso API 2015
  Comienzo del Evento: 15/05/2015 - 

11th International Kawasaki Disease Symposium
  Comienzo del Evento: 03/02/2015 - 

VIII Congreso Nacional de Microbiología y Parasitología, V Congreso Nacional de Medicina Tropical y III Seminario de la infección por el VIH y el Sida en Cuba
  Comienzo del Evento: 16/10/2014 - 

XIV Congreso Paraguayo de Pediatría - XIII Jornada de Enfermería Pediátrica
  Comienzo del Evento: 09/10/2014 - 

ESPID 2014
  Comienzo del Evento: 06/10/2014 - 

XVI Jornada Nacional de Imunizações SBIm
  Comienzo del Evento: 10/09/2014 - 

1er Encuentro Latinoamericano de Neumococo
  Comienzo del Evento: 07/08/2014 - 

XXI Curso Internacional de Infectología y Terapia Antimicrobiana de Sur
XI Symposium Internacional de Vacunas
  Comienzo del Evento: 19/06/2014 - 

24th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Barcelona
  Comienzo del Evento: 10/05/2014 - 

The16th ICID
  Comienzo del Evento: 02/04/2014 -